Blame it on the extensive work schedule, myself working on 100 things at a time, the Dublin Pub culture or all things together; multiple weeks have past since I wrote down my thoughts. I was tempted to write bits and pieces between now and then (especially after the amazing experience…

Innovation. Bam! There it is: the buzz word of the 21st century.

We live in a fast-paced environment and new product or service innovations happen to emerge around us every day. If the world is indeed turning quicker nowadays, or if it’s just the buzzwords like “disruption”, “change” or “innovation”…

The unjust stigmatization of failed entrepreneurs

Good judgment comes from experience,
and experience comes from bad judgment. (Rita Mae Brown)

Entrepreneurship and young business start-ups are promoted and embraced in every ecosystem, every economical environment in the world because of the positive influence to drive innovation and change by bringing pioneering and disrupting ideas to the…

Vanessa Fieres

Creative, innovative and positive mindset. Happy about new connections with interesting people & great ideas!

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